What do you think about the most effective hair treatment? Zeal Clinica is among the most renowned and professional hair treatment centers. Are you worried about choosing a straightening treatment? Put it to us and get the right solution with effective haircare treatment. Want to try a deep conditioner and hair mask but can't decide what suits you? Whatever your query, find the right solution for any hair treatment.

Our expert hair treatment is based on your hair type and condition. We always strive to provide compatible treatment. Our innovative hair treatment allows you to experience restored shine and nourishment on damaged locks. So if you are worried about your damaged hair, we have the right solutions. Pick the perfect hair treatment for you with our top hair treatment range!

Health Tips & Info

Regular swimming in a swimming pool can damage your hair. A high percentage of Chlorine is applied in swimming pools to keep the water bacteria and germ-free. Chlorine can damage the natural luster of hair. Therefore, it is ideal for wearing a swimming cap and using swimmers shampoo and deep conditioners to protect your hair from getting damaged.

Which shampoos are considered ideal for effective hair care treatment?
How often should I wash my hair?
What is hair slugging?

In the hair slugging method, you need to apply the hair oil to the ends of your hair. You must wrap the length of the strands in a sock and secure it with a hair scrunchie. Leave the oil overnight to get nourished and soft hair.

How does hair lose keratin?

Your hair can lose keratin due to recurrent hair dye processes and heat composers. You must seek a Keratin treatment if you are also struggling with keratin loss.

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